‘Sharon’s writing is a joy to read and her grammar is impeccable. Plus, she researches article topics so thoroughly, that you feel as if you’re reading an expert’s work!’
Georgia Dawson, SEO Manager, FTD Digital 

‘Sharon is highly capable, an excellent writer, and has a strong ability to put people at ease and help them articulate what they want to communicate. She is resilient, creative, hugely energetic, and a joy to work with. You will do yourself and your company a huge favour the day you choose to start working with Sharon Charity.’
Georgie Agass, Assistant Director of Communications, NHS Wiltshire

‘Sharon is a first class communications professional with a wealth of experience to avoid pitfalls and rigorous attention to detail. Sharon has managed many complex and sensitive campaigns and has a gift for translating policy into plain simple language for consumers. Sharon is a perceptive, smart operator and a pleasure to work with.’
David Martin, Manager, David Martin Media

‘Sharon has a great eye for a story and knows exactly how to grab the attention of a seasoned editor. In Wiltshire she produced such hard hitting campaigning material for the 2002 Earth Summit and the 2005 General Elections that the model was adopted by the Wildlife Trusts nationally. Her mixture of charm and energy is indispensible.’
Harry Barton, Chief Executive, Earth Trust

‘Sharon’s persuasive way with the media ensured that the Daycare Trust’s profile was regularly in the national and local press and also on radio and television. She is a breath of fresh air as a working colleague, always charming, positive, kind and totally genuine. Sharon would be a major asset to any organisation.’
Anna Somerset, Fundraiser, Daycare Trust

‘Sharon has many talents and brings her great enthusiasm to everything she undertakes. She is an excellent communicator and has the ability to get the most out of the people around her – a great team person.’
Steve Webb, Head of Fundraising, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

‘Sharon was a quality editor and a fine writer. No doubt still is! More importantly, she’s a top person to work with, and absolutely professional.’
David Townsend Jones, Owner, Adastra Cymru Ltd.