Making words work for whatever you do

BrightSpark can make sure that your shiny new leaflet or website doesn’t let itself down with a spelling mistake or a badly placed apostrophe.

We can also make sure that you’re telling your story clearly, either writing it from scratch for you (after a meeting to talk about what you need), or giving it a final polish before it goes to print.

An academic background in English, years of experience proofreading and editing novels and travel guidebooks – and a near-obsessive, nit-picking approach to making sure every semi-colon is in the right place – will ensure that you get a professional, polished publication.

Package 1

  • Get your copy right. Email us bullet points for your new leaflet and we’ll turn them into polished, glitch-free prose to suit your audience. For an average, six-page leaflet, this will cost you £100.

Package 2

  • Investing in a new website? By letting us write the copy for you, you’ll get a result that’s as easy to read as it is on the eye. We’ll make sure your homepage has all the keywords it needs to bring you up the Google search listings, and we’ll make sure no badly-placed apostrophes let you down. £200 per day.

Package 3

  • Pre-flight check. Let us cast our hawk-like eyes over your publication BEFORE you send it to be designed. This quick and simple step can save you money – as correcting mistakes at the design or print stage is expensive. Proof-reading a leaflet can cost as little as £50.

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